My Story

Welcome to Quadira’s Creative World! 

Having grown up in a family of artists, writers, and musicians, I have been steeped in creativity since I was a wee child. My father, artist and illustrator Aldren A. Watson, taught us drawing and painting, linoleum block carving and printing, and hand bookbinding. From my mother, author Nancy D. Watson, I learned to write poetry and stories, along with sewing, knitting, baking, and embroidery.

My earliest efforts included a watercolor painting of a cat on a rug, surrounded by the color blocks used in the picture; a drawing of a family cat that one of my sisters turned into a linoleum print; and an embroidery picture of a deer and a bird of paradise, both rendered with ultra-long satin stitches.

Over the years, I've refined my embroidery and doll making skills, making and selling several cloth dolls and a couple of furry bears at art fairs when I lived in Arizona. I have also developed an interest in recycling common household objects into useful and pretty containers, such as my pencil/brush holders, trinket boxes, tincushions, sewing kits, and various albums and journals.

I also love making beautiful purses and other items from silk and velvet decorator samples that are recycled by a business called FabMo, or from salvaged fabrics and clothing, and of course I still knit clothing and accessories.

Most recently I developed a fascination with paper arts. I just love the fancy designer papers one can find art and craft shops, and some time ago I had the idea to make a purse out of a sheet of 12″ x 12″ paper I purchased, and found many templates for purses online. I made my first one and was hooked, and have since made dozens of Paper Purses.  I have also expanded my line to include Goddess Boxes and Magical Treasures.

I hope you will enjoy owning these treasures as much as I enjoy crafting them!

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